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About us

Mextic is a technology company specialized in Fuel Control and GPS Tracking with extensive experience solving the main problems in vehicle fleet management and fuel consumption monitoring. We have a presence in much of the country, which allows us to respond quickly and timely to the requests of our customers.

Our objetive

AT Mextic we care about helping companies to reduce their operating costs and increase their efficiency and profitability. That is why we develop effective solutions for your business, which provide you with valuable information to have control of your vehicle fleet at any time , make decisions in a correct and timely manner.


Our GPS tracking and location system provides you with 100% real-time information on any type of vehicle. This will allow you to monitor, control and manage the routes of your vehicle fleet, considerably increasing the productivity of your company.

  • Access by web from any device with internet.
  • National and international coverage.
  • Own platform and constantly updated.

Main Functionalities of the Service

Monitor in Real Time

Check at any time the location, speed and even if your vehicles are on or off.

Travel record

Visualize the routes of your vehicles with route animation and graphic detail of incidents.

Receive Alerts

Receive notifications by email or SMS of any incident previously configured according to your interest.

Block your vehicles

Block your vehicles in case of emergency at any time and from any device with internet


Detect displacements outside areas or areas of your interest.

Analytical Reports

Analyze alerts, speeds, dead times, among other incidents, with our detailed reports.

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We develop a solution based on fuel level sensors that allow you to detect and monitor in real time Loads, Extractions and Performance of your Fuel.

  • Know the performance of your vehicles in real time.
  • Analyze your fuel consumption.
  • Receive notifications of charges and extractions in real time.
  • Generate detailed reports of your returns.
  • Visualize your consumption, loads and extractions graphically.

How does it work?

  • 1
    Installation of GPS devices in the vehicle's electrical system.
  • 2
    Installation and calibration of fuel sensors (one for each active tank of the vehicle).
  • 3
    The sensors send the fuel level information to the GPS device and this in turn transmits them via cell phone to our servers.
  • 4
    Through our platform our clients receive and consult fuel consumption information and also receive alerts of loads and extractions.
  • 5
    Check historical fuel efficiency of your vehicles.

We have the best technology

Our Sensors

  • They work with any type of combustion engine fuel.
  • Fully functional in both vehicles and stationary tanks.
  • The most accurate in the market.
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures.

High accuracy

Thanks to our research and constant product tests, we can guarantee the highest accuracy regardless of the type of tank, dimensions or shape of the tank.

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Reading of information generated by fuel flow meters, which allows us to keep an automatic record of each of the fuel pumped. The information collected is transmitted to our servers via GPS device, which also allows us to keep a record of the place, date and time of each fuel pumped.

  • Check the number of times and liters of fuel pumped in the day.
  • View the level of fuel available in your tanks.
  • Generate the dispatch log and download the report in PDF format.
  • Applies to any tank where a liter account is used to extract the fuel.


We offer you the possibility of monitoring the temperature of your refrigerated boxes, by sensors that emit information in degrees Celsius in a range of -40 ° C to 120 ° C.

Main Functionalities of the Service

Monitor in Real Time

Know in real time the temperature of your refrigerated boxes.

Define Allowed Ranges

Avoid effects on your products due to sudden changes in temperature, establishing a permitted range.

Receive Alerts

Real-time notifications of temperatures outside the established range.

Behavior Graph

Graphically display the temperature behavior in a given period.

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About ELIoT

ELIoT is a platform for monitoring parameters and remote control of equipment that allows you to collect, visualize and analyze the data of your operation from any device with internet. Having as main objective, provide tools that allow you to always be informed and make appropriate decisions that result in an increase in productivity.




Know our solutions

Explore each of the solutions and know about the benefits offered by each of them.

Cold rooms

Avoid effects on your products by monitoring the parameters of your warehouse, you will receive alerts outside the range to take appropriate actions, all from your device with internet.


Temperature and humidity

Remote control


Why Choose Us?

No Forced Contract

We offer you the possibility of acquiring the GPS tracking service without binding you to a forced contract.

Constant Update

The constant feedback with our clients serves as the basis for improving our platform at the level of functionalities and reports.

Own Platform

Application developed by our team of programmers, which allows us to always be growing, based on specific requests and needs of our customers, without this generating an additional cost.

Real time

The communication between our GPS devices, our server and the web application is 100% real time.

Agile and Friendly Application

Web Platform, which will allow you to access from any device (computer, tablet, cell phone) with internet access, without installing applications.

Quality Technology

The GPS devices and sensors that we use to provide our service are of high quality and precision.

Get Big Benefits


Considerable decrease in fuel consumption and optimization of operation times, which will be reflected in greater utility and more satisfied customers.


Plan your routes better and increase the productivity of your vehicle fleet. In addition, it avoids the improper use of its vehicles or bad treatment to them, establishing speed limits and detecting displacements in unauthorized areas.


Engine stop and real-time monitoring to support vehicle recovery in case of theft. You can also have an emergency button that allows you to alert in case of any incident.


Get to know the new functionalities and features of our services.

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